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Afghan officials harass Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan

11 November, 2019 4:34 pm 4:34 pm

ISLAMABAD/KABUL (92 News) – Pakistani diplomats have faced harassment by officials in Afghanistan as many complaints were emerged last night on Sunday. According to the diplomatic sources, the Afghanistan intelligence service’s officials allegedly harassed Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan. It was also reported that Afghan officials used abusive language with the Pakistani diplomats. The Afghan intelligence … Read More

Afghanistan’s four top security officials resign

08 August, 2018 9:14 am 9:14 am

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s ministers of defence and interior, as well as another security chief quit , government sources said, following the resignation of the president’s national security adviser earlier in the day. “We have received four resignations by two ministers and two senior security officials,” an official in President Ashraf Ghani’s office told Reuters. … Read More