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India’s historic moonshot appears to end in failure as Chandrayaan-2 ...

09 September, 2019 3:19 am 3:19 am

NEW DELHI – India’s attempt to become the first nation to land a spacecraft near the Moon’s unexplored south pole has apparently ended in failure. The Chandrayaan-2 approached the Moon as normal until an error occurred about 2.1km (1.3 miles) from the surface, officials said. India’s Space Research Organization (Isro) said it lost contact seconds … Read More


Chandrayaan-2: India launches second Moon mission

07 July, 2019 2:20 pm 2:20 pm

NEW DELHI (Web Desk) -India has launched its second lunar mission a week after it halted the scheduled blast-off due to a technical snag. Chandrayaan-2 was launched at 14:43 local time (09:13 GMT) on Monday from the Sriharikota space station. The lift-off was broadcast live on TV and the space agency’s official social media accounts. … Read More


Chandrayaan-2: India space launch delayed by technical hitch

07 July, 2019 9:08 am 9:08 am

MUMBAI (Web Desk) – The launch of India’s second lunar mission has been halted less than an hour before the scheduled blast-off, due to a technical problem. The countdown stopped 56 minutes before the launch after a “technical snag was observed in launch vehicle system,” India’s space agency said. The satellite had been scheduled for … Read More