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Facebook bans accounts linked to anti-government US ‘boogaloo’ ...

07 July, 2020 9:35 am 9:35 am

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc stepped up the battle against the amorphous anti-government “boogaloo” movement, banning accounts of adherents who encouraged violence during recent anti-racism protests across the US. The social media company for the first time designated a subset of boogaloo followers as a dangerous organization, marking them for the same sanctions Facebook applies to … Read More

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Biden campaign asks Twitter, Facebook to remove Trump posts bashing mail-in...

06 June, 2020 9:08 am 9:08 am

(Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s political campaign has asked social media giants Facebook and Twitter to remove posts by Republican President Donald Trump that it said made false claims aimed at discrediting mail-in voting. Trump tweeted several times on Monday criticizing vote-by-mail plans that numerous states have implemented so that voters concerned about … Read More

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Facebook takes down Trump ads over ‘organized hate’ policy

06 June, 2020 2:20 pm 2:20 pm

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc said it took down posts and ads run by the re-election campaign of US President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate. The ads showed a red inverted triangle, a symbol the Nazis used to identify political prisoners, with text asking Facebook users to sign a petition against antifa, … Read More

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US court asked to force Facebook to release Myanmar officials’ data f...

06 June, 2020 8:54 pm 8:54 pm

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Lawyers bringing a case before the World Court accusing Myanmar of genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority have asked a US district court to order Facebook to release posts and communications of Myanmar military and police. The International Court of Justice based in the Hague has agreed to hear a case accusing … Read More

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Early Facebook staffers denounce Zuckerberg stance on Trump posts

06 June, 2020 9:25 am 9:25 am

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Nearly three dozen former employees from Facebook’s early days on Wednesday blasted Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to act against incendiary posts by US President Donald Trump as “cowardly” and a “betrayal” of company ideals. The open letter, initially reported by the New York Times, deepened a crisis facing Facebook’s … Read More

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Facebook staffers walk out saying Trump’s posts should be reined in

06 June, 2020 11:28 am 11:28 am

(Reuters) – Facebook employees walked away from their work-from-home desks on Monday and took to Twitter to accuse Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg of inadequately policing US President Donald Trump’s posts as strictly as the rival platform has done. Reuters saw dozens of online posts from employees critical of Zuckerberg’s decision to leave Trump’s most inflammatory … Read More

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg faces employee blowback over ruling on Trump co...

06 June, 2020 6:04 pm 6:04 pm

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Facebook employees critical of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to remove an inflammatory comment from US President Donald Trump took their dissent public over the weekend on Twitter, praising the rival social media firm for taking action and rebuking their own employer. Many tech workers at companies including Facebook, Google and … Read More

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Zuckerberg distances Facebook from Twitter in Trump fight

05 May, 2020 12:32 pm 12:32 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took pains to distance his company from Twitter and its fight with US President Donald Trump on Thursday, as the White House moved to scrap a law protecting social media companies. Republican Trump, who accuses social media firms of bias against conservatives, without evidence, stepped up … Read More

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Facebook reports spike in takedowns of hate speech, terrorism

05 May, 2020 9:14 am 9:14 am

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc reported a sharp increase in the number of posts it removed for promoting violence and hate speech across its apps, which it attributed to improvements made to its technology for automatically identifying text and images. The world’s biggest social media company removed about 4.7 million posts connected to organized … Read More

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Facebook gets rid of ‘pseudoscience’ ad-targeting category

04 April, 2020 8:35 am 8:35 am

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc has removed “pseudoscience” as an option for advertisers that want to target audiences, a category available until this week even as the world’s largest social media network vowed to curb misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also paused the availability of some other interest categories while it evaluates its … Read More

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Australia plans law forcing Google, Facebook to share ad revenue with domes...

04 April, 2020 10:49 am 10:49 am

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia will pass legislation within months obliging Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google to share advertising revenue with local media firms, the country’s treasurer said on Monday, becoming one of the first countries to require digital platforms to pay for content they use. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a statement the move … Read More

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Washington AG sues Facebook over political ads

04 April, 2020 10:06 am 10:06 am

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Washington state’s attorney general filed a second lawsuit against Facebook Inc over political ads on Tuesday, saying the social media giant once again failed to make disclosures required under the state’s campaign finance laws. Facebook already paid $238,000 in 2018 to resolve a previous dispute over political advertising in Washington state. … Read More

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Facebook launches new chat app for couples

04 April, 2020 9:50 am 9:50 am

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc on Tuesday launched a new messaging app for couples called “Tuned” that allows them to chat, share photos and music as well as have a timeline of shared memories. The app is currently available only on Apple’s App Store in the United States and Canada, according to data from industry site … Read More

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Facebook launches fact-checking service on WhatsApp in Italy to fight coron...

04 April, 2020 9:59 am 9:59 am

MILAN (Reuters) – Facebook Inc. launched a service in Italy to check the accuracy of information on coronavirus circulating on its messaging platform WhatsApp, the US tech firm said. In a fresh attempt to fight manipulated content, Facebook said it was working with local fact checking service Facta which is analysing content circulating on WhatsApp, … Read More

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‘Humor is healing’: Laughter soothes nerves during COVID-19 tra...

03 March, 2020 9:41 am 9:41 am

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans are employing humor as a balm to soothe nerves during the coronavirus pandemic, flocking to new Instagram stars like Quentin Quarantino and sharing Facebook memes about taking off bras and pants and putting on weight in self-quarantine. Late-night TV hosts and hometown comedians are providing a mental health safety net … Read More