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Coronavirus, death, leaps, China, Hubei, province, 1,310

Coronavirus death toll leaps in China’s Hubei province to 1,310

02 February, 2020 9:03 am 9:03 am

BEIJING (Reuters) – The Chinese province at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak reported a record rise in the death toll on Thursday under a new method for diagnosing cases, as health experts warned the epidemic could get worse before it gets better. Health officials in Hubei province said 242 people had died from the … Read More

Trump, leaps, Middle East, fray, peace, plan, Palestinians, denounce

Trump leaps into Middle East fray with peace plan that Palestinians denounc...

01 January, 2020 4:50 pm 4:50 pm

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed creating a Palestinian state as part of a Middle East peace plan, drawing Palestinian condemnation for imposing strict conditions and agreeing to let Israel maintain control of long-contested West Bank settlements. Trump announced his plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace at a White House event with embattled … Read More