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China to lower import tariffs on frozen pork, avocados from January 1

12 December, 2019 10:00 pm 10:00 pm

BEIJING (Reuters) – China will lower tariffs on products ranging from frozen pork and avocado to some types of semiconductors next year as Beijing looks to boost imports amid a slowing economy and a trade war with the United States. Next year, China will implement temporary import tariffs, which are lower than the most-favored-nation tariffs, … Read More

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Apple asks US to waive tariffs on Chinese-made watches, iPhone parts, AirPo...

11 November, 2019 8:37 am 8:37 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Apple Inc asked the Trump administration to waive tariffs on Chinese-made Apple Watches, iPhone components and other consumer products, according to company filings with the US Trade Representative’s Office. The company on Thursday sought tariff exclusions from 11 products, including HomePod speakers, iMac computers, parts for use in repairing iPhones, iPhone smart … Read More

Turkey Trump sanctions slaps tariffs warning

Warning Turkey, Trump authorises sanctions and slaps steel tariffs

10 October, 2019 8:41 am 8:41 am

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Donald Trump authorised sanctions on Turkey’s leaders, re-imposed steel tariffs and ended talks on a trade deal, seeking to punish the historically for its deadly offensive into Syria. Trump announced the measures as he came under intense pressure at home for appearing to at first give the green light to … Read More

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US widens trade war with tariffs on European planes

10 October, 2019 6:38 pm 6:38 pm

LONDON/BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Wednesday said it would slap 10% tariffs on European-made Airbus planes and 25 per cent  duties on French wine, Scotch and Irish whiskies, and cheese from across the continent as punishment for illegal EU aircraft subsidies. The announcement came after the World Trade Organization gave Washington a green … Read More

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US agreed to delay raising tariffs on some Chinese goods: Trump

09 September, 2019 4:58 am 4:58 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States has agreed to delay increasing tariffs on $250 billion(£202.8 billion) worth of Chinese imports from Oct 1 to Oct 15 “as a gesture of good will.” Trump said the postponement came “at the request of the Vice Premier of China, Liu He, … Read More


US accuses Chinese billionaire of evading $1.8bn in tariffs

08 August, 2019 9:58 am 9:58 am

(WEB DESK)– Chinese billionaire Liu Zhongtian has been indicted in the US over allegations he evaded $1.8bn (£1.5bn) in tariffs on aluminium imports. Prosecutors accuse Mr Liu of using the aluminium company he founded to smuggle huge amounts of the metal into the US. The firm, China Zhongwang Holdings, did not immediately respond to a … Read More

Dell HP Microsoft tariffs Laptop tablets

Dell, HP, Microsoft, Intel oppose proposed tariffs on laptops, tablets

06 June, 2019 8:55 am 8:55 am

(Reuters) – Dell Technologies Inc, HP Inc, Microsoft Corp and Intel Corp on Wednesday opposed US President Donald Trump’s proposal to include laptop computers and tablets among the Chinese goods targeted for tariffs. Dell, HP and Microsoft, which together account for 52% of the notebooks and detachable tablets sold in the United States, said the … Read More

As Trump embraces more tariffs, U.S. business readies public fight

09 September, 2018 10:52 am 10:52 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After months of waging a behind-the-scenes war against President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs that have escalated far beyond what business groups once imagined, more than 60 US industry groups are launching a coalition on Wednesday to take the fight public. Emergence of the group, Americans for Free Trade, comes after Trump has … Read More

US-Mexico NAFTA talks drag on as autos sticking points emerge

08 August, 2018 8:48 am 8:48 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Talks between the United States and Mexico over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement were set to drag into next week, as auto industry officials said that new sticking points had emerged over President Donald Trump’s threat to impose steep automotive tariffs. Auto industry officials familiar with the talks … Read More

US tariffs could raise auto prices by $83 billion: trade group

07 July, 2018 9:40 am 9:40 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group representing major automakers will tell the US Commerce Department on Thursday that imposing tariffs of 25 percent on imported cars and parts would raise the price of US vehicles by $83 billion annually and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, whose members include General Motors … Read More