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Nestle stockpiling in UK ahead of Brexit, CEO tells FAZ

12 December, 2018 9:31 am 9:31 am

ZURICH (Reuters) – The world’s biggest packaged food maker Nestle has ramped up stock in Britain to prepare for any challenges it may face in supplying the country following Britain’s divorce from the EU, CEO Ulf Mark Schneider said in an interview. “As a precaution, we’ve increased our stockpiles in Britain in key areas,” Schneider … Read More

I will be PM to take Britain out of EU, says May

12 December, 2018 8:11 am 8:11 am

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Theresa May said she would be the prime minister to take Britain out of the European Union and that parliament should back her Brexit deal to ensure certainty for the future. May sealed a deal with EU leaders last Sunday that would see Britain leave the bloc on March 29 with … Read More

UK’s ‘Wild West’ crypto market should be regulated, say l...

09 September, 2018 11:29 am 11:29 am

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s cryptocurrency market resembles the Wild West and should be regulated, lawmakers said on Wednesday, urging the government to bring to heel a sector plagued by volatile price swings, vulnerability to hacking and weak consumer protection. The government’s current approach to the sector is vague and unsustainable, Parliament’s Treasury Committee said in … Read More