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Trump gets US Supreme Court nod to deny asylum to many Central Americans

09 September, 2019 7:23 am 7:23 am

Reuters) – The US Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed President Donald Trump’s administration to fully enforce a new rule that would curtail asylum applications by immigrants at the US-Mexico border, a key element of his hardline immigration policies. The court said the rule, which requires most immigrants who want asylum to first seek safe haven … Read More

Roberts, liberal justices snub Trump bid to enforce asylum policy

12 December, 2018 8:21 am 8:21 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court dealt a setback to President Donald Trump by refusing to allow his administration to implement new rules prohibiting asylum for people who cross the US border illegally, with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberal justices in denying the request. The justices on a 5-4 vote rebuffed … Read More

Trump turns to Supreme Court to wind down ‘Dreamer’ immigration...

11 November, 2018 8:11 am 8:11 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s administration asked the US Supreme Court  to allow it to end a program introduced by former President Barack Obama that protects thousands of young immigrants who live in the United States without legal status. The day before congressional elections in which Trump’s harsh anti-immigration rhetoric has taken center stage, … Read More

FBI digs into US Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s past

10 October, 2018 10:35 am 10:35 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Days after being ordered to look into sexual misconduct allegations against US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the FBI has talked with his high school friend Mark Judge, but the interview is not complete, his attorney said on Monday. University professor Christine Blasey Ford has said Judge was a witness when Kavanaugh … Read More