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Venice exceptional high tide Flood Hit water

Flood-hit Venice to face another exceptional high tide on Sunday

11 November, 2019 8:25 am 8:25 am

MILAN (Reuters) – Venice will face another exceptional high tide on Sunday, after its worst flooding in 50 years on Tuesday caused more than $1 billion worth of damage and submerged St Mark’s Square under a metre of water. The tide could reach 160 cm (5.25 feet) just after midday on Sunday, according to Venice’s … Read More

Venice hit by another ferocious high tide, flooding city

11 November, 2019 4:05 pm 4:05 pm

VENICE (Reuters) – An exceptionally high tide hit Venice again on Friday just three days after the city suffered its worst flooding in more than 50 years, leaving squares, shops and hotels once more inundated. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro closed access to the submerged St. Mark’s Square and issued an international appeal for funds, warning that … Read More

Venice, devastated, second, highest, tide, history

Venice devastated by second highest tide in history

11 November, 2019 4:15 pm 4:15 pm

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) – Venice’s mayor called the city a disaster zone on Wednesday after the second highest tide ever recorded swept through it overnight, flooding its historic basilica and leaving many squares and alleyways deep under water. A local man from Pellestrina, one of the many islands in the Venetian lagoon, died when he … Read More

Julie Andrews lifetime achievement award Venice

Julie Andrews gets lifetime achievement award in Venice

09 September, 2019 10:27 am 10:27 am

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) – Julie Andrews, the star of much-loved movies “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music”, said on Monday she was “blessed” to have had a long, illustrious cinema career as she was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival. The 83-year-old, who won an Oscar in 1965 for playing … Read More


Venice bans large cruise ships from entering historic centre

08 August, 2019 12:51 am 12:51 am

VENICE (ITALY) – The Italian government has announced to ban large cruise ships from entering Venice’s historic centre following an accident involving a ship hitting a dock in June this year. Ships weighing more than 1,000 tonnes will be rerouted away from certain waterways from September. The move follows an accident in June in which … Read More