Terrorist safe havens are main obstacle in US-Pak relations: Pentagon

19 Jun, 2016 3:10 pm

WASHINGTON (92 News) – The US has on Sunday said that Terrorist safe havens are the main obstacle in US-Pakistan relations and demanded Pakistan do more to eliminate militant sanctuaries.

The US Ministry of Defense has admitted that the operation of Pakistan armed forces has decreased the capacity terrorist groups to make sanctuaries but the terrorists hideouts in the border areas are the main obstacle in US-Pakistan relations.

According to a report sent to US Congress by the Pentagon, the report once again demanded action against Haqqani network and stated that to improve the security environment, Pakistan will have to eliminate militant safe havens.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has not given his certification that Pakistan took measures against the terrorist presence in the country — namely against the group called Haqqani Network.

Pakistan is playing a key role in peace talks with the Afghan Taliban but the Pakistani efforts to pressure the Haqqani Network and the Taliban and to disrupt active threat streams are not enough to help decrease violence in the region, to reduce the threat posed by these groups and to achieve lasting progress on counter-terrorism issues.

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