Two children along his father injured by firing of Dolphin force

14 Jun, 2018 12:34 pm

LAHORE (92 News) – Two children and his father was injured on Thursday as Dolphin Force personnel and suspects exchanged fire in Lahore’s Sabzazar area.

According to the details, two children and his father were suffered gunshot wound during the allegedly crossfire between the suspects and the police force. The Dolphin personnel opened fire at the suspects, when the suspects were not stopped on Multan road’s barrier.

The bandits were escaped from the spot and three passerby were suffered with gunshot wound of the police force.

Earlier, a teenage boy was allegedly killed with “crossfire” between Dolphin Squad personnel and five suspects occupying a car in Badami Bagh area. The boy, later identified as Mohammad Saleem (15), was filling a bottle from a water cooler when suddenly he was hit in the head by a bullet. He died while being rushed to hospital by passersby.

Saleem was son of Ameer Ali, a watchman of a factory, who was present at the scene, some witnesses told the media. Ameer Ali passed out when he saw his son suddenly falling on the road with blood oozing from his head, they added.

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