Two-day celebrations of 95th Urs conclude in Kamoke

19 Oct, 2018 10:16 pm

KAMOKE (92 News) – The two-day celebrations of the 95th Urs concluded at Astana Aalia Chishtiabad Sharif in Kamoke on Friday.

The celebrations continued for two days under the supervision of Pir Syed Muhammad Khalilur Rahman Chishti, while Sajjada Nasheen Pir Syed Muhammad Jamilur Rahman presided over the celebrations.

Renowned religious scholars, Ulema, Mushaikh and devotees participated in the celebrations.

At the time of Friday prayers, five-minute silence was observed in love for Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). Pir Syed Muhammad Jamilur Rahman prayed in the presence of thousand of devotees.

Talking to 92 News, Pir Syed Muhammad Jamilur Rahman said that he had given the devotees the lesson of love for Ahle Bait and follow their teachings.

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