UK Bed-ridden Pakistani citizen thanks DG ISPR, British HC for family visit

Nasarullah bed-ridden UK bed-ridden family visit Pakistani citizen
30 Jan, 2019 10:59 am

BIRMINGHAM (92 News) – Thirty eight-year-old Pakistani citizen Nasarullah Khan – under medical treatment in UK– on Wednesday thanked Inter-Service Public Relation (ISPR) director general (DG) and British high commissioner (HC) for facilitating his family visit in UK.

As per details garnered, Nasarullah Khan is suffering heart disease and undergoing medical treatment in Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham.

It is worth mentioning here that the Pakistani citizen had requested the British High Commission in Islamabad to grant visas to his family so he could meet them one last time and his request has been approved.

However, the DG ISPR and the British HC took interest in the matter after broadcasting by 92 News among other channels.

The family of bed-ridden Pakistani citizen arrived in Birmingham to meet him after they were granted visa by the British High Commission Islamabad after intervention from Pakistani authorities.

The family met with Nasarullah after nine years and the moments were become emotional during the meeting of bed-ridden Pakistani with his family.

Later, after his family arrived, he thanked the DG ISPR for making arrangements for his family to visit him. He said his family was contacted by the office of the army chief. “I think him for taking concern about my problem,” he said.

Nasarullah also thanked the British HC in Islamabad and all media organizations. Meanwhile, Nasarullah’s heart quit the function and he was desperate to meet his family for last time.

Khan, a father of two, with weeks left to live was told to pay more than £30,000 for his end-of-life care. He was refused a lifesaving transplant just before Christmas because of his immigration status.

According to Birmingham Live, Khan is currently in a fragile condition at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

He is thought to have a matter of weeks, if not days, left to live, and would return home if his condition allowed as he is desperate to be reunited with his young children. “It is nine years since I last saw my 11-year-old son and my nine-year-old son,” he said.

He is being granted palliative care but has been told he will have to foot the bill, which is thought to run into tens of thousands of pounds, even though it is likely to be issued after his death.

A fundraising appeal and an online petition, which currently has nearly 1,400 signatures, have now been launched to enable his wife and two young sons to visit him before he dies.


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