British Muslim couple guilty of plotting London terror attack

30 Dec, 2015 11:53 am

LONDON (92 News) – A British couple were convicted on Wednesday of plotting an attack in London after the husband sent out tweets asking for advice on which targets he should hit, alerting police to a stockpile of chemicals at their home.

Mohammed Rehman, 25, and Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, were found guilty by a jury at the Central Criminal Court of engaging in the preparation of terrorist acts, with a view to hitting either a large shopping center in the capital or the London underground network.

Chemicals for bomb making were found at his Reading home. He and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan were convicted of preparing terrorist acts. Text messages between the couple were uncovered showing discussions about buying chemicals, while emails revealed Rehman had also sent Islamic State-related video clips to Khan.

Their plot was only foiled when Rehman – who called himself the ‘silent bomber’ – sent a tweet asking for advice on which was the best target. As their plans gathered pace, Rehman asked his followers: ‘Westfield shopping centre or London underground?’

The tweet – sent from a profile showing a photograph of Jihadi John – was accompanied by a link to the al Qaeda uncensored media release about the July 7 atrocities. Officers then raided Rehman’s home in Reading, Berkshire, where they found 10kg of nitrate explosives – double the amount of powder used in the failed 21/7 London bombings.

“The pair had been very close to carrying out an attack, all they required was to purchase the chemicals to make a detonator,” said Susan Hemming, head of Counter Terrorism Division at the Crown Prosecution Service.

She added that the couple had already acquired 10 kg (22 pounds) of urea nitrate. “There is little doubt that, had Rehman and Ahmed Khan not been stopped when they were, they would have attempted to carry out an act of terrorism in London.”

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