US again refuses to comment on Indian claim of surgical strike

04 Oct, 2016 9:54 am

WASHINGTON (92 News) – US State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said Tuesday that the US is trying to reduce tensions between India and Pakistan.

Addressing the media persons, she once again refused to confirm surgical strike by the Indian forces into Pakistani territory, saying she won’t comment on Indian claim of surgical strike inside Pakistan territories.

The spokeswoman said that the US is contact with the leadership of the nuclear arch rivals, adding that the Pak-India armed forces are also in touch. “We urge calm and restraint on both sides. We understand that the militaries are in touch. We believe that that continued communication is vital to reduce these tensions,” she said.

She urge calm and restraint on both sides over claims of “surgical strike” by the Indian forces.

Elizabeth Trudeau said that the US is emphasizing on regional stability and security in its dialogues with Indian and Pakistani leaders. “I think what you would take a look at being discussed is regional stability and regional security. One of the things I think we all need to focus on is conflicts or issues or rising tension are not contained to any specific region,” she said.

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