Use of veto hindered Kashmir dispute resolution, says Maleeha Lodhi

11 Mar, 2016 3:27 pm

NEW YORK (92 News) – Pakistan’s Permanent envoy to United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi has on Friday while suggesting to end veto said that the use of the veto in Security Council prevented solving the ‘longstanding dispute’ and ‘hindered’ implementation of UN resolutions on the matter

Speaking in the intergovernmental negotiation process on Security Council reform, Malihga Lodhi said that those calling today for the extension of veto power to more Security Council members at the same time criticize its use or abuse.

She reiterated Pakistan’s position on the veto, saying that it was opposed to adding new permanent members to the Council with or without a veto but said Pakistan supports expansion of the Security Council in the non-permanent category.

She said that any privileged role in decision-making contradicts the shared goal of making the Security Council more democratic, representative and accountable.

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