War is not a solution; war creates more problems: Pak High Commissioner in India

25 Sep, 2016 4:36 pm

NEW DELHI (92 News) – Pakistan’s High Commissioner in India Abdul Basit has on Sunday said that Pakistan has no involvement in the Uri attack and said that the unrest in Kashmir is the root cause of the problem.

In an interview with an Indian newspaper, he said that War is not a solution, war creates more problems, adding that we should not allow war hysteria to dominate our discourse.

The High Commissioner said that we have to be mature and we can perhaps afford not to talk to each other for some time, but addressing our many challenges can only happen through dialogue and peaceful means.

“I hope we are able to retrieve the ground diplomatically. I am a diplomat and an optimist. I hope diplomacy wins,” he added.

Basit said that Pakistan had no clue whatsoever about who carried out the terror attack and exclaimed that Pakistan did not allow terrorists on its territories. “We do not know, we do not know. We are committed to not allowing our territory to be used for violence anywhere in the world. This is what I iterated to your foreign secretary when I was called in the other day,” he said.

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