We have no money to run country, says PM Imran Khan

14 Sep, 2018 1:20 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) –Prime Minister Imran Khan has said on Friday said that there is no money to run the country.

Addressing civil servants at a meeting, Imran Khan said that 70 per cent people of the country is under 30 and every day more young people enter the job market but there are no jobs for them.

“Our politicians need to change, our bureaucracy needs to change and our people need to change. We’re at a genuine crossroads and if we don’t change there’s disaster ahead,” the premier added. He assured that the political influence would be ended on the bureaucracy.

The PM also told the civil service employees that he discussed complaints regarding bureaucracy with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman. “I will free bureaucracy from political intervention,” he vowed.

“We have to change about the colonial mindset of the elite. If the nation and government are together there are no challenges that cannot be faced,” the PM mentioned. He urged people to take ownership of the country and rid themselves of the colonial mindset.

PM Imran also termed that the country could not progress without accountability, adding that the corruption is the biggest problem in Pakistan. “We took loans and instead of creating wealth, they’ve sunk us in debt. The trap we’re stuck in a classic debt trap. The only way to free ourselves is by changing ourselves,” he said.

Giving an example of the metro bus service, he said that the figures were presented before the cabinet recently and they showed that we have taken loans and are paying interest but we’re running a loss. He told participants of the event that the government is paying Rs6 billion in interest every day.

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