We want to resolve all issues politically & peacefully, says Brahumdagh Bugti

26 Aug, 2015 11:06 pm

QUETTA – Banned Baloch Republican Party exiled chief Brahumdagh Bugti has agreed to hold dialogues over the Balochistan issue, saying that they are ready to withdraw from the demand of ‘independent’ Balcohistan if the Balochs want so.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Urdu in Switzerland on Wednesday, Brahumdagh Bugti has been rejecting the option of the dialogues and saying that the war will continue till ‘independent’ Balochistan.

To a question that what will be their reaction if the establishment put the condition of giving up the demand of ‘independent’ Balochistan, he said that they are ready to live with Pakistan if their friends, political allies and a majority of people want so.

He said that they wanted to resolve all issues politically and peacefully.

Bugti said that favorable environment is essential for dialogues. “It is very difficult to hold dialogues if bloodshed continues,” he said.

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