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Why hesitant if they really want to resign from assemblies, FM asks opposition

Why hesitant if they really want to resign from assemblies, FM asks opposition
December 23, 2020

MULTAN (92 News) – Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has asked opposition leaders that why they are hesitant if they are really want to resign from assemblies.

After a concluding ceremony of Urs of Hazrat Shah Ruknuddin Alam Soharwardy RA in Multan, speaking to the journalists, FM Qureshi said that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F (JUI-F) is currently in turmoil and If the opposition wants to resign, it should reach the speaker by December 31, otherwise stop this drama.

The minister said that government has refused to get pressurized by opposition and claimed that PDM wanted to reach a deal for their personal interests. "The government is not afraid of long march by opposition’s PDM," he added.

Referring to NAB laws, Shah Mehmood Qureshi mentioned that it was negligence of opposition parties if they failed to amend the laws regarding the anti-graft watchdog and asked them to not link the matter with legislation regarding Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as it is an issue of national importance.

He claimed that political opponent of the government asked to amend NAB laws for their support for legislation regarding FATF and amendments proposed by opposition parties were equivalent to an NRO.

He asked if the amendments were so important than why PML-N and PPP did not change the laws in their respective governments. He said that the Opposition can hold public meetings, protests and rallies freely. "Government and law enforcing agencies will not create any hurdle in this regard," he said.

FM Qureshi also said that some forces want to destabilize Pakistan. He said that the designs of these forces are being exposed time by time.

He said that Pakistan has conveyed UN through a dossier about the conspiracies against Pakistan by some forces and a recent report by EU DisinfoLab exposing a disinformation campaign that was designed to discredit Pakistan.