We will lose our freedom by taking foreign loans: Imran Khan

07 May, 2017 11:26 pm

SIALKOT (92 NEWS)- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf`s Chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday that Pakistan will lose its freedom if it keeps on taking loans from other countries.

He addressed a public meeting in Sialkot and in his speech he said that corrupt country could not progress. He said that Pakistan would lose its freedom if more loans are piled up one after the other.

Khan said that Pakistan was progressing at a rate faster than that of Singapore in the past.

Only eradication of corruption would lead the country to development, he added. PTI chief said that the rulers fear accountability because they are guilty.

Imran said that he was happy to see the gathering , saying that he is grateful to the people especially women who came to the gathering.

“Here (Sialkot) people have political awareness,” he said.

“In one direction there is road to greatness, at the other is destruction,” .

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