Worsening Power Crisis: K-electric says exempted areas to face load-shedding

29 Jun, 2015 9:34 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The Karachi Electric has announced that power shortfall in Karachi has announced a schedule of load-shedding in areas which were exempted from the scheduled power outage.

The K-Electric Spokesman said that electricity demand in the city has reached 3000MW while generation is being affected due to the non-operational status of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant was (KANUPP) and the shortage of gas pressure required by the plants.

The spokesman said that areas which were previously exempted from load-shedding will now face load-shedding.

The spokesman requested its consumers to conserve electricity by avoiding unnecessary use of electronic devices.

The spokesman said that all government hospitals have been provided uninterrupted electricity.

The spokesman said asked Sindh government to pay dues of Rs 50 billion instead of leveling allegations against the company.

While rejecting the allegations of Sindh government, the company’s sectratary denied news regarding the resignation of K-Electric chairman Tabish Gohar.

The secretary said that the K-Electric is a listed company and they had to inform stock exchange before any such news.

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