Yahoo’s EU regulator to issue recommendations on email security within weeks

11 Apr, 2017 11:04 pm

NEW YORK – Yahoo’s European regulator said it is preparing to give the U.S. Internet firm the results of an investigation into the 2014 theft of data from 500 million users, including possible remedial action to avoid a repeat of the breach.

Yahoo said in September last year that hackers had stolen the data in 2014, prompting criticism from U.S. politicians into the delay in notifying customers.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, the lead European regulator on privacy issues for Yahoo because the company’s European headquarters are in Dublin, said she would issue the report “in the next couple of weeks”.

“We are preparing to serve the final report on Yahoo EMEA Ltd and require of them any remedial actions we have identified,” Helen Dixon said in an interview. It will be up to Yahoo whether to make the report public, she said. –Reuters

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